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Best TLX Type-S Preformance Modifications for your Type-S!

With the TLX Type-S recently released heres a list of the best preformance mods you can do to your Type-S and what you can expect in the near future! 

To start, as this platform starts to become more familiar there will be more modifications that will come out; Heres a list of the current items out:

1. P2R 2021 Acura TLX Type S Intercooler Charge Pipe

2. P2R 2021 Acura TLX Type S Silicone Intake Tube

3. JB4 Tuner for Acura

4. 2021+ Acura TLX Type-S Silicone Intake Hose Kit

5. CNC Ported Intake Manifold - 2021 Acura TLX Type S

6. 2021+ Acura TLX Sport Exhaust

7. 2021+ Acura TLX Type-S Replacement Panel Filter Upgrade

8. TLX Type S Bored Throttle Body

9. P2R 21+ Acura TLX Type S 3.0L V6 Thermal Intake Manifold Gasket

Although this is a short list, the preformance increase of some of these is impressive and speaks a lot to the capability of the Type-S engine and platform.

Here is a table displaying some of the gains to 0-60 based on some of the mods the community has done!

0-60 Improvement Overall improvement
Stock 5.32-5.19 na na
Downpipe 4.76 -0.4 0.4
DP+Throttle Body 4.49 -0.3 0.7
DP+TB and Drop In Filter 4.26 -0.2 0.9
HondaMobileMechanic Total Improvement .9 of a second
JB4 4.58 -0.6 0.6
joseroman214 Total Improvement .6 of a second
DP+TB+Filter+JB4 ~3.69-3.9?


With little to no exhaust options currently avalible, especially a downpipe, ZSP is currently working to create test pipes; deleting the stock secondary cat to not only improve preformance and airflow but to improve the sound of the TLX overall. Once the test pipes are complete a preorder will be held on the website for those who want to order it and all proceeds of the test pipes will be put into development of a full catback exhaust that works with the conectors with the stock valve system in the car as well as a full catless downpipe. 


If you made it this far thank you for reading and be sure to check out our sale Launch Sale ending Feburary 14th!

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